Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The First Hello.

Hey! So..basically I'm just another girl who is Leading Her Teenage Life. And well I had other blogs before but they were getting annoying at times so i quit writing them. What I'm gonna be writing about is a normal teenage life. My life. The stuff I like. The stuff I don't like and maybe whenever i post i might share a good picture of something. So the list of the stuff I like a lot is as follows
# One Direction

# The Vampire Diaries 
# My friends
# My School

# My Family 
# Cooking
# Reading
# Listening to Music
# Designing

So, I'm 13. Just started with this teen stuff and I happen to like it. I have two amazing best friends. A guy in my heart. (the guy who was my first boyfriend and I'll never forget no matter what happens). And well other friends without everything i have in my life right now, I would be incomplete. 

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