Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Day Out.

Hello people. Good evening or afternoon or morning or night. I just came back after having a very nice lunch and hanging out with, what do I call them? I don't know, they're not friends they're my dad's friends and all but they're so cool and amazing.
It was 9 of us. First we had a plan of going out to Big Chill to have lunch but then it got a bit late so we planned on having lunch at Chillies. We guys had our food and we were so stuffed but Kirat di insisted on us to have desserts and everyone was so full they said no. But she still ordered a cheesecake and a chocolate cake.
The cheesecake was a traditional cheesecake and it had a very sweet syrup with it which was I guess cranberry or raspberry.
And about the chocolate cake. It was a warm chocolate cake with molten chocolate and to compete with the warm of the cake there was a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. 

The highlight of the lunch was when most of the boy's fought for the first bit on the chocolate cake while me, kirat di and another girl, sakshi di were enjoying our cheesecake.

After that the guys went and looked at electronics while us, the girls we shopped for a few trinkets. These are two bracelets I fell in love with.

  So, most of the times, when I write a blog and when I post a few pictures or videos I finish the post. But not today. Today I have a a few things I can talk about to you people.
So I got 75 page views. I know that's not soooooooo great but for a start it's kinda good.
And well, there was a really cute guy I met today.

I've been listening to 'So Sick' by Ne-Yo the entire day!
So, yeah. It's the time where I end the blog and tell you guys to follow my twitter and instagram.
But today I just don't feel like it. So, bye guys!
"You're not fat! You have fat. You have fat. You even have nails, but you're not nails. You have hair but you're not hair. So you Have fat. You are NOT fat."

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