Monday, 10 September 2012


 Yeah. I know the Title of the post is obsession. I'm gonna tell you what I'm obsessed about. 

One Direction.
Well, I wouldn't call it obsession, I would call it dedication but people call it obsession so yeah, whatever. 'One Direction' is not just a boyband to me. They aren't. One Direction is my world. 
I mean I cannot imagine my life without those five boys now. It's actually very crazy how I can love five boys that don't even know I exist. The one wish I have is to be able to thank them in person. Even if I meet them the first thing that's gonna come out of my mouth is gonna be "Thank you. Thank you so much" and not "Hi, I love you can I have a picture". I wouldn't mind if I didn't get an autograph of a picture if I told them how grateful I am. 
I don't love these five boys because of their looks or their fame. I love them because of their personalities. 
I don't love them because they have so many good points. I love them knowing the fact that there is a little flaw there. It's not like they're not flawless. Actually they are. But who knows?

The Vampire Diaries 
Oh oh oh. The Vampire Diaries is an amazing show! It's not like twilight. Not that I'm mocking twilight. It's just different. You have vampire and werewolves with a curse on their head. You have witches. You have dopplegangers. You have The Original Family. The original witch, the biggest vampire in the history of time. You have hybrids. You have a lot more. Thriller, romance, suspense,  blood. Lots of blood. And lots more.
I just think if you haven't seen it. You should give it a try. Here's a video that gets season one's fighting side of the show.

This is only the 1st season. There are 3 seasons and the 4th one is coming out on october 11th.

I gotta go. I'll finish telling you what I'm obsessed with later. Bye guys.
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