Sunday, 28 July 2013


If you're anything like me, you've had your fair share of relationships and because of that you try to avoid any red flags, but do you know the signs you're in a healthy relationship? The green flags that should tell you to go ahead and proceed are just as important as the ones to pump the brakes! Below is the list of signs you're in a healthy relationship.


This may seem a little weird but it's true, doing things separately and not having a problem with it is a sign you're in a relationship and it's a healthy one. If you completely depend on each other to do everything, then your relationship can quickly become a little (or a lot) co-dependent. Take a step back! It’s okay for you to go out with your friends without him, and it’s okay for him to go out with his friends without you!


This shouldn't be a surprise but if you're in a healthy relationship you shouldn't always feel the need to put down your significant other. That's not to say you can't make funny comments about how bad they are at ping pong but don't nit-pick and put your honey down over everything that they do!


Trust is a big part of any relationship but it’s VERY important that you ACTUALLY trust the person that you’re with. In any relationship that you get into you’re looking for someone to spend your time (or life) with. So, you have to trust that that person isn’t going to let you down or hurt you. If you don’t trust the person you’re with, you’ll wind up having a lot of fights and feeling very insecure, the opposite of how you should feel in a healthy relationship!

4. YOU BOTH FEEL EACH OF YOU IS doing enough

Feeling like you’re carrying your whole relationship by yourself and that your partner isn’t doing enough it can create a lot of friction. It’s important that both you and your partner feel like the work load (or financial load if you’re at that point) is split evenly between the two of you.


In a serious relationship sex usually comes into play. But, it’s very important that sex isn’t the only thing that works in your relationship (if you want something more serious). The best way to avoid this is to make sure that both you and the person that you are with know what exactly you want and where your relationship is going.


This one can be tough for anyone, when you feel like you love somebody you want to start a life with them and you tend to rush things a little bit. But try really hard to pump the brakes and don’t rush the milestones! If your relationship is healthy things will reach that point naturally. You don’t need to rush moving in together or getting married or having children. Let things flow more organically!


And I do mean anything! Your significant other doesn’t always want to hear about your ex but, if you need to talk about your last relationship you should be able to. There shouldn’t be anything too taboo about you or the person you’re with to talk about.

Well ladies these are the signs that your relationship is a healthy one. What do you think makes a relationship healthy? Let me know down below!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fun Braided Hairstyles To Try

During summer, or any season for that matter, I always want a fresh, cute style, and braided hairstyles are totally a great part of that. I love braids in a hairstyle because they add dimension, different textures and a different appeal to your look. I love that they can be elegant, messy, fun, girly or sporty. Here are some of my top choices for braided hairstyles to try!


This braid is great because it’s versatile. It can be elegant and classy or laid back enough for a day at the beach. It’s really easy to achieve and pull off too! It only takes minutes. It can work for most hair lengths too! It’s a no-brainer that this lovely look ended up on my list of the cutest braided hairstyles.


A french braid can be worn so many ways! It can be at the front, or simply straight down. It’s an easy way to get your hair out of your face so we can admire your beauty! It frames the face well, and looks put together! It can be worn anywhere really! This one is great for people with longer hair! It looks great when side swept too.


A Boho braid is mostly seen at the crown or front of the hair. It has a laid back, down to earth feel to it. Think Nicole Richie or Drew Barrymore. They often incorporate Boho braids into their styles. Maybe they can give you some inspiration! It would look great for a day at the park, or at a music/cultural festival. 


A braided bun is a great hairstyle for all occasions. It’s an updo, so it’s pretty enough to wear to a formal event like prom, a gala, a business chic party or a charity event. It’s great for a day at the office too. It adds a little more style to the classic bun look. I love it!


This is a cute variation on the classic dutch braid! It’s similar to the one Prim wore in Hunger Games. It’s fun, funky and sporty. I like that it has a different design along with the braid. It'd be great to wear at the gym or a day outdoors. It’s great to rock on a casual day.


Waterfall braids are awesome because they add depth to your hairstyle. It sweeps across your the rest of your hair diagonally and gives you a very romantic, fairy-tale like look. It would look so pretty cascading down your back! It’s great for a party or a romantic date!
I love braided styles because they’re a chic way to add some fun and spunk to your hairstyle. They’re especially great for warmer seasons when you don’t want your hair in the way! What is your favorite type of braided hairstyle? Would you try any of these?

Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer Hair Acessories ...

When school is out and the sun is up, summer hair accessories are a must to keep your hair tame in the hot weather. Summer hair accessories are a great way to spruce up your hairstyles. Here are some of the hottest trends this summer to dress up your hair.


For all those festival goers and lovers of boho style, turbans are one of the hottest summer hair accessories for you. What better way to keep your hair out of your face while looking super stylish? The great thing about turbans is that there are so many different designs to choose from. You can rock a floral turban for a more feminine look or a darker patterned one for a more boho look. Either way, turbans are an easy way to spice up any outfit and look super trendy this summer.


Bobby pins are no longer for just keeping your hair in place. Bobby pins have been revamped this summer as a hot accessory that is cute and functional. You can DIY to accessorize your bobby pins with glitter, paint, or bows, or you can buy them already decorated. Either way, bobby pins are a great way for you to add a subtle touch of spark to any hairstyle.


Seen on celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Bella Thorne, headbands have been trendier than ever. This season’s headbands aren’t the kind you wore in elementary school. They have a more sophisticated and upscale vibe now. You can try a flower headband like the ones at Urban Outfitters or playful bunny eared styles from TopShop. Headbands are a simple way to add flair to any outfit.


Get rid of those boring black and tan ponytail holders and replace them with fun and stylish updated holders. Not only can you use ponytail holders to create a variety of hairstyles ranging from athletic to romantic, you can also get a variety of fun ponytail holders to go along with those hairstyles. Try one with a large flower or feather for a fun accent to your style, or for a more understated look, use a colorful ponytail that contrasts with your hair color.


Nothing is simpler than putting a comb in your hair and voila, your hairstyle is instantly transformed. Regardless of if you are wearing your hair up or down, any comb can go in your hair. Use a bolder, larger one if you want it as the focal point of your outfit. Or you can add some spark with a few smaller combs that have small embellishments.


Bows are the ultimate feminine accessories and one of my personal favorite summer hair accessories. A new unique way of wearing bows is at the base of your topknot or you could go with a traditional look of wearing a bow on top of your head with your hair down. Just try not to look too much like Minnie Mouse. But if bows are your thing, you will definitely find one of the many ways to wear them that works for you.


Floppy hats, baseball hats, fedoras. The list of fun hats you can wear never ends. No matter what your style, there is a hat that fits you perfectly. And the best thing about hats is that you can use them to cover your day old unwashed hair and still look stylish. So feel free to skip washing your hair for a day to have an excuse to break out your new favorite summer hair accessory.
When it gets hot out, you may just resort to throwing your hair up in a bun or a ponytail. But why do that when you can add in any of these hot summer hair accessories for an instantly chic look? What did you think of these hot summer hair accessories? What other hair accessories do you plan on wearing this summer? Do you prefer your hair to be styled during the summer or do you go au naturel?

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Whether you’re aware of it or not, there are several gross things about fast food (and beverages) you need to know. Not only are they willingly serving you food that is not exactly good for you, it might in fact be downright disgusting. If you want to avoid these foods altogether, you definitely need to read this article that lists gross things about fast food!


You might want to switch to natural peanut butter after hearing one of these gross things about fast food. I mean, just reading that title makes you feel a little skeevy, right? Well, it is indeed true. The FDA allows there to be about 30 or more insects in your peanut butter. And get this, they allow rodent hairs too! Steer clear if you can. That is so disgusting.


That sounds crazy, I know. But, that cup of water that you asked for with your meal may have been used earlier in the day! The source that fast food restaurants get their water from is a reusable source, and they’re not afraid to dispense it to you. Get stress free, and buy it bottled!


In the course of a year, the average customer would not only have consumed hair, it’s in fact 12 pubic hairs we’re looking at. It’s not too far fetched either, considering how many people find hair in their food on a regular basis. I’m not sure how it happens, but I’m definitely leery about hitting a fast food joint right about now.


Do you remember when it became illegal to put trans fats in foods to sell to the public? Well, fast food restaurants may have found a sneaky way around that. The trans fats are hidden. They can claim to have zero, when the FDA does allow them to have a small amount, less than 1 gram. Those grams add up, and are super unhealthy for you, and I don’t like it!


Yup, you read that right. What the FDA is not telling you might eventually kill you! The beef that most fast food restaurants have comes from slaughterhouses. This beef is the trimmings, can come from thousands of different cows, is very fatty, and comes from a place where bacteria could thrive and spread. In order to get rid of these toxins in the meat, the FDA allows ammonia gas to be used! Be careful about where you get your meat, ladies!


I sort of wish I had never seen this fact. I am an avid French fry lover, but I’m not so sure now. Most fast food restaurants have been known to dip their fries in sugar. Sugar? Why? Because it helps give fries that crispness. So they're fatty, oily, starchy, and now, with my newfound knowledge, I know that they're sugary too. What a shame.


Salads are supposed to be healthy for you, right? Wrong! In fast food restaurants, they use anti-freeze to keep your salad crisp and limp-free. Now, if I bought a salad thinking it was healthy for me, imagine the shock I would get when I later felt the effects of the antifreeze: skin and eye irritation, among many others. It’s sad that even the healthiest part about fast food can be just as bad as anything else on the menu!
I don’t eat at fast food restaurants very often. But, there are times when I’m craving junk, and it hits the spot. And now that I’ve read up on the gross things about fast food, I’m not too sure I’ll have that craving anytime soon. Anyway, I hope this had made you consider changing your diet to something healthier than fast food! What gross things do you know about fast food?

Monday, 29 April 2013

Keep Looking.

Untitled #65

Untitled #65

Sheer top

Roxy denim shorts
$77 -

Flat shoes
$170 -

Red valentino handbag

Circle sunglasses

Makeup brush
$15 -

9 Ways To Be More Lady Like...

I believe that every young lady should know ways to be more ladylike if she cares to be taken seriously or treated like a lady! Of course, if you’re a tomboy, or don’t care for feminine things, you can still learn ways to show your girly side without flaunting it, or wearing bows in your hair! I am a girly girl and a tomboy -depending on my mood- so I love knowing ways to be more ladylike! Read on if you would like to know how you can feel more girlish and portray yourself to be more ladylike!


One of the ways to be more ladylike is to dress like a lady. Of course wearing a skirt or a dress almost always paints the perfect picture of a lady, but you don’t have to wear a dress to be ladylike! Being ladylike is about putting care into your appearance. Avoid wrinkled, dirty, sloppy, and mismatched clothes. Never wear sweats in public. Dressing like you care is the first step to being more ladylike!


Have you ever seen a princess or a queen or even a first lady with slouchy posture? Of course not! Ladies always carry themselves with dignity and style. Try to avoid walking in a stomping, slinking manner. Sit with your ankles crossed when possible!


A woman’s voice is an incredible tool. It can be used to build up or tear down. It can be used to speak words of wisdom or pass along gossip. A woman’s voice can be harsh and critical or it can be soft and kind. A lady’s voice is always sweet and gentle, and never shouts in public!


One thing I always try to do before leaving my home to go out in public is a final appearance check! Glancing in a mirror one more time before I leave helps me make sure I don’t have any flyaway hairs or undergarments showing through my clothes. Do a final check over to make sure you look as ladylike as you feel!


We’ve all heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” It’s so true! Someone who is rude and criticizing, and always doing the opposite of what she says she will do is usually not viewed as a “lady” in most people’s eyes. Let your actions define you, and you will be more ladylike than ever!


I’ve known some of the most fashionable, well-put together women who looked every bit like a lady on the outside! But their attitudes completely changed my whole opinion of them. Remember that a whiny, ungrateful, or overly flirty attitude will not help you to present yourself to be more ladylike!


Manners DO matter! The most fun, considerate, and happy girl to be around can put a damper on anyone’s spirit if her manners are sorely lacking. Common courtesies go a long way! And remember, consideration for others' feelings and the words you choose are every bit a part of your manners as chewing with your mouth closed and saying “please” or “thank you”!


In a world wear we see models, advertisements, and commercials that showcase barely-covered women, it can be easy to feel the pressure to take it all off! Don’t give in to this stigma, because modesty is not overrated! You don’t need to dress like a prude, but wearing clothes that keep you covered is the next step to becoming more ladylike!


So many people make the mistake of assuming that girly girls who like to be ladylike are full of clouds for brains. This isn’t the case necessarily! Try to keep up on current events and happenings. Keep your mind sharpened with a good education and be in the know on your favorite topics. Know what you believe on controversial matters and why you believe it!
You don’t have to wear a dress to be ladylike (although dresses are fun to wear if you’re a girly girl, like me!). But as you can see, there are many other ways you can portray yourself to be more ladylike if you would like! Do you have any other tips?