Sunday, 9 September 2012


Hello people. I have been thinking lately if I want to continue with this blog or not. I mean I see that people do read it but there's nobody commenting on it about whether they like it or not. I mean people, you should really comment about what you like about it and what you don't. So, anyways, I've been fixing up people! I feel so nice that I helped two people come together and create their own love story. I love, love. It's a thing that just consumes me. I don't have a fairytale love story of my own but I wish that one day I will and well, I'll wait for it. 
So, there's like this random girl whom I've been giving advice too. She's not THAT random, but we don't know each other personally. She posted a picture on instagram and had this whole caption about how she likes a guy and what all happened till now and you know, all that stuff. So she told me on kik about how much she really likes him and umm she talked to him generally and now they're pretty cool friends. Isn't that nice? 
Now, I've told her to basically just be friends for now and don't rush with anything. You know you should wait and give your friendship a little time first and then take things forward. I mean it would totally be sucky if she asked him out just now and he said no, so they wouldn't even be friends. But if she's a close friend then it won't harm their friendship so much. She wouldn't want things to be totally awkward between them would she?
So well, that is how far it's gone.
If you want any advice you people are free to ask me, I would love to help. 
Isn't this just so true?
Anyways. Have a nice week ahead as I continue with my exams.
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