Friday, 7 September 2012

I don't know, whatever.

Hi! I'm back. So, I just had my geography exam today and I tell you, IT WAS BAD! 
It's not that I'm not good at geography but I just messed up this time. Anyways, my next exam is Math! I like math but I'm not looking forward to taking this math mid term assessment.
The good part of today, One Direction won all three awards they were nominated for in the VMAS. I'm so proud and I'm so so so happy for them.
When the boys won the award for the best pop video they said "It's for the fans" and the funny part was the boys broke the award. Lol. They all laughed at their clumsiness. 
It's actually crazy how I can love five boys that don't even know I exist. And I really want to meet them once and thank them. Thank them for what they've done for me and what they've done to billions of other people. So, yeah I love them a bit too much. I know my friends are always like "Shut up!" when I talk to them about the boys because once i start i never stop.

I'm watching 'Tom and Jerry' right now! Hahahaha, I will never stop watching that show.
And I saw 'Letters to Juliet' again the other day and I loved it. I love love.
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Thanks guys. I love you all. :D Have a great day and wish me luck for my Math exam. :)

I leave you with two really nice quotes or lines from 'Letters to Juliet'.

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