Friday, 14 September 2012

Fan Fictions

Hello people.! So today I'll be talking about some fanfics to you.
You should really start visiting this site called Wattpad. It's AWESOME!
So right now on wattpad I'm reading two fanfics (One Direction Fan Fictions) :D. But I've read 3 In total and I really think you should read them too.
My top 3 are
#When Love Gets Complicated ( A One Direction Fanfiction) <3

#It's Gotta Be You (A One Direction/ Zayn Malik fan fic)
#Stole His Heart (A One Direction/ Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

There's no such order or anything but these are the stories that are MUST READS! 

You should really read them. And you find all kinds of stories on Wattpad. Just give it try.
Yesterday was Niall's birthday! OMG. You should have seen my hand. It was full of drawings and writings related to Nialler.
He turned 19 yesterday. Oh. Crap. I got to go!
Bye guys!
Have a great day!

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