Saturday, 22 September 2012


Hey! How's everybody doing? 
Well, if you ask and even if you don't, lemme tell you that I'm so so so happy! 
Live While We're Young (LWWY) By One Direction (1d) Got released!

I'm so so so happy. And well, my exams got over.

Me and four of my girlfriend went for a move and the movie was adorable!
Well it was comedy and it was very emotional at the same time. I cried. A lot.

So, how's your life? Mine is nice. Well it's kinda the same so..yeah.

So, I just thought maybe we could do something fun. Let me tell you some totally BS break up lines.
I'll write the line first and then it's meaning. Here it goes

"You deserve better" = "I deserve better"
"We're too alike" = "You bore me"
"You just don't get me" = "I just don't want you"
"I'm not ready for the real thing" = "This isn't the real thing"
"I love you like a friend" = "You don't really turn me on"
"I need space" = "I want to get far far away from you"
"I wish it could have worked out between us" = "I wish I didn't have to have this conversation"
"I don't want to hold you back" = "You're a drag"
"We're just at different points in our lives" = "You're beneath me"
"My feelings for you are so intense, they scare me" = "My feelings for you are completely non-existent"

So, there they were.
Bye. Have a great time and I'll write soon :D
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Bye bye!

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