Friday, 28 September 2012


High Low people.
So remember I had this post titled 'Wattpad', so this is just a little bit of addition to it.
If you really wanna read something romantic which I personally like a lot are these two stories

>The Bet
>Late Summer Rain
>Stole His Heart (A One Direction/ Harry Styles Fan Fiction)
I know I've told you guys to read Stole His Heart before but what can I do? I have fallen hopelessly in love with story. The torturous part is the updates. I need the updates. Please go and read that story. It'll mean a lot to Chloe and you're gonna love it. Trust me! 

Yeah, I guess thats it. 

Wow, I have people reading my blog from the United Kingdom, India, United States, Russia and Germany.
I feel so nice.

I have been listening to Nickleback all day long. Lol and now I'm listening to Boyce Avenue.
I'm listening to their cover of 'She Will Be Loved' By Maroon 5. Tiffany Alvord is nice. And their cover of 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams is so so so so so so nice!

I guess I'm done for today. 
Bye guys. I love you all. Comment and share if you feel like :D

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Ps: Please go read stole his heart. YOU WON'T REGRET IT! <3 

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