Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I'm just really sorry.

Hey guys. This is a post to inform you that I won't be posting much. It might change but if I don't post, don't be mad because I'm really busy. REALLY REALLY REALLY BUSY.
I've been busy so I couldn't post too after the "Quotes" post, plus I went for a 3 day trip so I was out again. 
Well, this post is no fun and it is not even sad. Umm, it is kinda sad but you guys are gonna manage. 

I wanna rant about two things related to One Direction but since I don't have time and I'm in a hurry to write this post and get back to studying I won't rant and I will just tell you what I wanted to rant about.

Payzer! Liam and Danielle's couple name. Remember I had told you guys they broke up, if not then I was busy bawling my eyes out!
Yeah, they had broken up and now they are back together! Isn't that just awesome.! Okay now I'm starting o rant so I'm just gonna move to the next thing

Haylor! Yes. It's Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. I just don't ship them together. I respect them because I'm a directioner but I don't want Hazza ending up like one of her ex's. That will just be miserable and horrible and bad and terrible and ugly and horrifying. I really need to stop don't I?
Yes I think I do. But but  but! If Harry is happy then I am happy.  :)

I really expected this post to be a tiny little post but what can I do? When I start typing I just cannot stop. When I want to write and I have time to write there is nothing to talk about but when I want to write and I have no time at all I have like a gazillion things to discuss.

I really need to leave. Bye!

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