Monday, 10 December 2012

Let's just say I'm Paranoid

Yes! I'm Paranoid! I shall not waste my time in hello today and get straight to the point. I love Ed Sheeran! Yes, I love one direction too but I even love Ed Sheeran. I obviously love one direction more than I love Ed but I still love Ed.
And his video of 'Give Me Love' was released on 9th november and I still love it to death. I might had seen it a billion times now!

Like, what the hell dude? First when I heard that song I was going crazy over it and now the video! The best part about Ed is that he isn't always the hero of the video and he doesn't mind. 

This girl is just so pretty!!!!!

AHHH! Fangirling over it. Lol.

Let's just say 'One does not simple dislike Ed Sheeran'

And I think I should have named this post 'Ed Sheeran' not 'Let's just say I'm Paranoid'
Now that you think of it I'll change the name to Ed Sheeran.

I just changed it to Ed Sheeran and back to Lets just say I'm paranoid because if I named it Ed Sheeran I should include a lot more stuff about him which I am in no mood to do because I'm tired and I have a very annoying cold.

I just thought I should write because it had been six days since I wrote and hence I wrote and hence this post is stupid and hence this sentence does not make any sense.

I'm going mad!

Give me love by Ed Sheeran.

Bye guys. I think I'm going a bit too mad so I'll leave.

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