Friday, 21 December 2012


Hey guys! I really don't remember the last time I posted. I mean the last time I wrote because the last time I wrote was maybe five days ago, I wrote about Polyvore and then the automatic posts from Polyvore about my sets have been getting posted so that's cool.
Awesome isn't it?
And then yesterday was on of y friend's birthday and the day before that was also a friend's birthday and the day before that was my parent's anniversary and tomorrow I have my annual day function thing in which I'll be doing mime.


I'm kinda tired from all the practicing so I'll catch a all nap but before that I'll tell you what I got:
An awesome Donic Table Tennis Bat/Racket
3 One Direction T-shirts
3 One Direction sweatshirts
2 1D Cups
4 1D cushions
2 novels: PS, I love you
                 The Last Song 
(And 3 more have to come)
3 awesome cards.
An awesome cake.
My one direction limited eddition box is something I have to get.

And yeah that's about it


Love you all! <3

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