Friday, 4 January 2013


Romance...Love...It's so much of me. It makes me happy and it's not the normal teenage thing. Love makes me happy. Seeing couples look at each other the way they do makes me happy.
Having that perfect person for you with you.
Having that relationship that you know will go on and on till your last breath.
It's endless love.
It's love when you skip a heartbeat when you see the one you love smile.
It was love when the prince went to find Cinderella. 
Then again, that was just a fairytale but I feel that fairytales exist. They do. 

Coming to me. I love seeing people love each other. I'm the one telling them "Yes. He/She loves you" "It's gonna be fine. It's just a little fight" "C'mon. He/She still loves you more than life". I make things okay. I might just be like a cupid but I never have my love story. My relationship. My own fairytale.
But there's this guy. This one guy (leaving one direction completely out of this topic) I love. I don't know. I'm not IN LOVE with him but I love him because I'm sure it's more than a crush. I dated him. Twice. He was my first boyfriend and my only borfriend till now and maybe that's the reason I'm feeling like that.
You know what I feel like? 
I fucking miss him.
All day,
And he can't even imagine
how pathetic it makes me feel
Because I don't even know if he
misses me back.

This is so true at times. Isn't it?

My friend said this the other day:
"There's always that one person -no matter how long it's been or how badly they've treated you- if they say 'I love you', you will say it back"

I know I'm only 14 and I have an entire life in front of me. I'm still waiting. I know there's that one guy out there and he's the perfect one for me and I'm the perfect one for him and that he's coming to me as fast as possible or that he's already here but I'm too blind to see and all of that.

Lets get this over with. My sob story about not having someone to cuddle to or to say "I love you" To.
Tell me about YOUR love story. 
Love is complicated. It's adventure.

"We only love because it's the only real adventure we actually live" 

I'm not writing this anymore because I'm chilling now listening to Harry Styles on The Hits Radio UK
Currently playing: What Makes You Beautiful


PS: All of the boys sound so hot on the radio.

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