Friday, 11 January 2013


Hey! Hi! Ho! It's my friend's birthday! <3
OMG. And it's Zayn's birthday tomorrow! It's just feels as if it was yesterday that he auditioned for the x-factor and now he's turning 20! 20!!!!!! I mean, no more teen Zayn Malik. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. But he has to grow up. I accepted this fact when Louis turned 21. Yeah, :/ It's sad but you have to accept it. 
Anyways, moving back to..umm..yeah. My friend's birthday. She's a directioner too! I mean, it's awesome, she's awesome. I love her so much and so much and so much!

I didn't even know her till like 7 months ago and now I love her. Thanks One Direction. Because of them I have new friends who are all just so amazing! <3

So.. Wish her happy birthday! Comment here and I'll deliver the message.

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