Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Hey everybody. Okay, first things first: I am not the girl who usually writes this blog. I don't know if she has told you guys her name but let's assume she is 'Horan's Girl' (Lol.) 
Okay. So there is a problem in Horan's Girl' laptop and thus she cannot post stuff. I am going to be honest, she told me to post this a while ago but I lost the paper where she had written the post and I was just too lazy. 
She apologizes to you guys for not posting but her 'Blogger' won't open. If it opens, her google chrome crashes so that is the problem. 

Anyways. Umm. I don't have time to post the real post right now so I'll try to post it soon. K?
Forgive her and me. :)

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