Saturday, 24 November 2012


Hey you people. Okay. I'm just putting it across that you should be grateful to me for writing this.

Umm. I just came back from one of my table tennis tournaments and I'm dead tired. I am 13 (about to turn 14) but I played under 15 so the competition was like tough with one school but it was okay with the other. One school's girl's team didn't show up. The coach said that all of them 'fell sick' or 'injured' themselves. Like. What the hell dude. You're scared, so say that. :P
Anyways. I played two matches, I was supposed to play five but I got a walkover because the girls didn't show up and one of the schools didn't come only.  I played one doubles match and one singles. I lost my single's match because the competition was too damn tough.

So. Yeah. I won't be typing much anymore because I'm very tired. Imagine. Morning 8 am to 5.


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