Saturday, 10 November 2012


Hey guys! Who loves hanging out with their friends? I know you you all do. Everybody does.
So yesterday was one of my very close friend's birthday and today we kind of celebrated it. It wasn't like a party party, we just hung around, ate lots of food and then we were about to watch a movie. They planned on watching exorcist and I was against it but then me and one of my friends left before the movie started. Awesome time for her mother to come and pick us up.
After me and her were gone only four guys were left and they must have seen the movie. I don't know.
They saw the movie and they got shit scared. Lol. Good that I didn't watch it.

Not only my best friend. I'm really protective of all of my close friends. Somebody does anything to them that they don't like and I'm like "Oh. This means war"
So that is a random fact about me.

I got 280 pageviews. And I was sitting and thinking for fifteen minutes about what to write. Sadly nothing came into my mind.

Another half an hour of thinking. I guess my mind is blocked.
Bye guys. Love you all

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