Monday, 11 March 2013

How To: Deal With Thick Hair

I have gorgeous thick, wavy hair… But there's always a flip side to the gorgeous things right? It's so hard to keep them in place and just take care of them! I have had all kinds of hassle trying to deal with thick hair.  While my sister was rocking cute clips, I was struggling to find a hair elastic tough enough to handle my hair.  If you’re suffering from an excess of tresses, read on. I’ve chatted up my stylists they've and  both provided me with an insight into the secret world of thick hair. Here are tips on how to deal with thick hair.


Most people with thick hair also tend to have wavy hair, and wavy hair tends to frizz… which makes it even more unmanageable. Both my sister and my stylist agree: the best way to deal with thick hair is to be patient. Blow it all the way dry before you leave the house on a humid day… let it air dry for an hour or so, then tackle it with your dryer, wait ten minutes for your hair to cool, spray it with a light hold spray, and you’re ready to go. Anyone with thinner hair may wonder why this takes patience — but you girls with thick hair know it can take up to an hour to dry your hair all the way!


Forget it — the cute little bows and clips and pins just are not going to work in your hair. They make lovely decorations, but there’s no way they’re going to be able to actually do the work of holding your hair up or back. They’re just too flimsy! Keep your eyes peeled for extra-hold clips and elastics. My stylist recommends the store Charming Charlie…. They apparently have all kinds of tough-enough accessories for your thick, unruly hair.


I swear that in my entire life, I've only ever been able to find one type of comb and one type of brush that can handle my hair. I've also invested in a high-powered hair dryer and I take it with me when I travel, because the right tools can make all the difference in how to handle thick hair. Try a boar bristle brush — they’re tough!


Long layers are the first step in finding the right style for thick hair. I have long layers that start at my cheekbones, and proceed down the length of my hair. The layers give my hair movement, and they help thin it a little… and they’re gorgeous!


(My cousin has annoyingly thick hair. Like the frizzy thick) My sister cut her hair short — once. It was insanely difficult to care for, and she regretted it for the two years it took to grow it back out. If your hair is thick and straight, then a pixie cut might work. But if you have thick, curly hair, think twice before trying to tame it by cutting it off.


Just like a stacked bob won’t work in thick hair, most of the time, short bangs won’t work either. Long, side-swept bangs might work beautifully, but ask your stylist for her professional opinion before you instruct her to cut Bettie Page bangs. Rather than curling under, they might stick straight out!


Whatever you do, don’t use a volumizing shampoo and forget the mousse! Be sure you’re using the right product for your hair, like a clarifying shampoo and conditioner and a set of anti-frizz products. My stylist recommends Bumble and Bumble for anti-frizz.


There’s one big advantage to having thick hair: you can rock braids way better than girls with thin, limp hair. This is a great way to deal with thick hair when you just can’t make it behave. Gather all of your behind one ear and secure it with a strong elastic, then do a herringbone braid (be sure to remove the elastic when you’re done). Or tame all of your tresses in a classic French braid from top to bottom. Gorgeous!


I donated my much-thinner hair to Locks of Love once, and they got two ponytails out of it. It takes four ponytails to make a wig for a cancer-stricken child, so if you donated your super-thick hair, think of how many wigs they could make from your hair alone! Remember, if you have thick curly hair, you’ll want to check with your stylist before you cut it too short… but wow, this would be such a great way to deal with thick hair and do some good!
After years of dealing with thick hair, I am  finally happy, using the right tools and products and accessories, and finally finding a stylist who knows how to use thinning shears and long layers. Now my sister is back to being jealous of my hair! If you have thick, unruly hair, I hope these tips help you, too… and maybe you’ll have more tips and ideas to share! Let me know down below…

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