Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Best Exercises for Muffin Top

Exercises for muffin top are a really popular topic right now. After all, the holidays are over and the weather is getting warmer, so it’s definitely time to turn your attention to that tiny bubble of fat bulging just above the waistline of your favorite jeans — muffin top! It’s not out of control yet, but it will be if you don’t start doing the best exercises for Muffin Top… and it’s time to get going! Hop off the couch, put down the cookie, and get moving! Here are the 9 best exercises for muffin top.


This exercise for muffin top requires a special stand, one that allows you to bend forward at the waist while keeping your back legs straight. Bend completely at the waist, then slowly “fly” back up so your back is straight. Don’t over-extend, arching your back! Repeat 12 times, three sets. Doing this exercise regularly will get your abs in incredible shape, while at the same time eliminating any love handles .


Crunches are standard exercise, but that’s because they work, especially when it comes to strengthening your abdominal muscles and your core. Lie flat on your back, hands behind your head, knees bent. “Crunch” yourself up, twisting slightly so your left elbow touches your right knee, then lower yourself back to the ground. Crunch again, this time with your right elbow touching your left knee. Repeat so you do 24 crunches, 3 times


Balance balls are becoming much more popular, primarily because they can make a lot of exercises — like crunches — even more successful. To do this crunch, lie with a balance ball in the small of your back, with your feet apart, placed firmly on the ground. Do three sets of 12 crunches, and you’ll feel your core struggling to keep you on balance. Fantastic!


As you can see, there are several different kinds of crunches, all of which make great muffin top exercises. This type of crunch is less intensive but it still gives you a great workout. Sit on an incline crunch bench, with your toes at the “top.” Lie flat on your back, then slowly “crunch” up til you’re about half-way sitting. Slowly lower yourself back down. Don’t cheat and use your neck muscles, either! Do three sets of 12.


Remember that incline bench from item #4? You’re going to use it again for this, one of the VERY best muffin top exercises. Sit on the bench, feet up, then slowly lower yourself back, but only half-way… then sit all the way up again. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. Do three sets of 12. If you do this exercise several times every week, you’ll start seeing a huge difference in no time. 


We make two mistakes with the rowing machine: one, we don’t consider it one of the best exercises for muffin top, and two, we let our BACKS do the work, rather than our arms and core. Sit with your back straight during the ENTIRE rowing motion, or you’ll kill the effect, and you may even hurt your back.


The elliptical machine truly provides a whole-body workout, including one to combat muffin top. Do 30 good, heart-thumping minutes on the elliptical, and include a 5 minute warm up and an 8 minute cool down. Workout complete, muffin top banished! If you have trouble with longer workouts, especially when you’re first starting to exercise, just distract yourself. Listen to music, even watch TV, anything to make that half hour pass faster.


Toe-touches are pretty standard as well, and they’re not at all intensive, which means it’s much easier to do more. Start out with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees straight, hands on your hips. Twist and touch your right fingers to your left toes, then straighten, and touch your left fingers to your right toes. Complete three sets of 24 (12 each twist). Whew!


You’d be surprised how beneficial leg lifts are when you’re trying to banish that muffin top. You’ll also be surprised at how many you can do! Lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides. Lift both legs off the ground, keeping them straight, about 6 inches off the ground. Hold for 30 seconds (or as close to 30 seconds as you can!), then slowly lower them. Are your abs burning yet?

These were my 9 best exercises for removing that little bulge we all produced while eating in winter. If you have any exercises share them with me!

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