Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Hi. I have been really crap uploading haven't I? I know, I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry but it's just after the MT exams there was an event I had to plan with my friends in school (for the school) and after that the studies began again. The school is killing me! And I just got back home last night. I had gone out of station. I came back home and it's wasn't so late but I was dead tired. It was a road trip and it was an 8 hour journey. But, well it was fun. 
To be honest I know I'm mean that I didn't tell you guys that I was going and I wouldn't be able to upload but it's not my fault. 
It all just happen all of a sudden so I didn't get a chance.

Away from all of the apologizing and explaining. So, how are you guys?
I wanted to ask you guys something but it's of no point as nobody comments. 
Gosh, you have to watch this video. It's so funny and just awesome.. you know.
So, bye. I missed 2 days of school so I have to catch up will all the work. Lol

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