Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Just Like That.

Hello there people! I'm having this little break. It's like a 10 day vacation. But the school has given us so much homework it's unbearable. 

Yeah. I had something I wanted to inform you guys about. It's for the girls out there who are reading my blog (By the way I got 191 pageviews! *scream*) and who love fashion.

There is a Deborah Lippman Contest happening. If you wanna enter the contest you just have to upload a picture of your nails. You can vote for other people as well. Basically a picture of you nails in fall. You can do a simple color or a design of a pumpkin or leaves or anything you want. (There's a problem with the link thing today so just copy and past this. okay?)

The contest is open for 2 weeks starting today! Upload a picture of your fall nail art to the facebook link above! Vote for your favorites to determine the winner!


The first place winner gets:
Lip/Nial Duo in "Love Notes" and "My Touch, My Kiss"
Fast Track Manicure Kit

Magnet Nial Polish in "Steal My Kisses"

The second place winner gets:
Lip/Nial Duo in "Love Notes" and "My Touch, My Kiss"

The third place winner gets:
Magnet Nial Polish in "Steal My Kisses"

So fashion lovers. Color your nails and go grab that prize!

Bye guys!
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P.S.: I won't be checking my instgram for a while now because I don't have my phone with me. :(

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