Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fun Braided Hairstyles To Try

During summer, or any season for that matter, I always want a fresh, cute style, and braided hairstyles are totally a great part of that. I love braids in a hairstyle because they add dimension, different textures and a different appeal to your look. I love that they can be elegant, messy, fun, girly or sporty. Here are some of my top choices for braided hairstyles to try!


This braid is great because it’s versatile. It can be elegant and classy or laid back enough for a day at the beach. It’s really easy to achieve and pull off too! It only takes minutes. It can work for most hair lengths too! It’s a no-brainer that this lovely look ended up on my list of the cutest braided hairstyles.


A french braid can be worn so many ways! It can be at the front, or simply straight down. It’s an easy way to get your hair out of your face so we can admire your beauty! It frames the face well, and looks put together! It can be worn anywhere really! This one is great for people with longer hair! It looks great when side swept too.


A Boho braid is mostly seen at the crown or front of the hair. It has a laid back, down to earth feel to it. Think Nicole Richie or Drew Barrymore. They often incorporate Boho braids into their styles. Maybe they can give you some inspiration! It would look great for a day at the park, or at a music/cultural festival. 


A braided bun is a great hairstyle for all occasions. It’s an updo, so it’s pretty enough to wear to a formal event like prom, a gala, a business chic party or a charity event. It’s great for a day at the office too. It adds a little more style to the classic bun look. I love it!


This is a cute variation on the classic dutch braid! It’s similar to the one Prim wore in Hunger Games. It’s fun, funky and sporty. I like that it has a different design along with the braid. It'd be great to wear at the gym or a day outdoors. It’s great to rock on a casual day.


Waterfall braids are awesome because they add depth to your hairstyle. It sweeps across your the rest of your hair diagonally and gives you a very romantic, fairy-tale like look. It would look so pretty cascading down your back! It’s great for a party or a romantic date!
I love braided styles because they’re a chic way to add some fun and spunk to your hairstyle. They’re especially great for warmer seasons when you don’t want your hair in the way! What is your favorite type of braided hairstyle? Would you try any of these?

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